The Karakum Desert is a vast arid land expanse located in Central Asia mainly situated in Turkmenistan covering more than 80% of this country

Gas Crater

In 1971, Soviet geologists discovered an accumulation of underground gas near the settlement of Darvaza in the Turkmen SSR. As a result of excavating and drilling an exploration well, the geologists came across an underground cavern (void) into which the upper layers of soil collapsed. The derrick with all equipment and transportation fell into the resulting gas-filled hole, but no people were injured in the incident. To prevent gases harmful to people and livestock from escaping, they were set on fire. The geologists assumed that the fire would go out in a few days, but they were wrong. Since 1971, the natural gas coming out of the crater has been burning continuously day and night.

Nothing, once inside can get out. Any living thing is doomed. Once in the afterlife through these “doors,” no one can get out. A 60-meter-diameter, 20-meter-deep crater humming and blowing hot air. The gas is coming from underground, splitting into hundreds of burning, multi-sized flares. In some flares, the flames reach 10-15 meters in height.