The Karakum Desert is a vast arid land expanse located in Central Asia mainly situated in Turkmenistan covering more than 80% of this country

Arch of Neutrality Monument

This monument is closely related to very important event for our country that occurred in New York on December 12, 1995. On meeting of UNO General Assembly representatives of 185 countries unanimously voted to accept the special resolution of Permanent Neutralityof Turkmenistan. The monument of Neutrality-is visual embodiment of Turkmen people’s pride in their Motherland that for the first time has come out impetuosly on political field after the many-centuries being in the shadow of the history. Now it is Sovereign State with all attributes of independence. Compositional basis of the monument of Neutrality (architect Erol Tabanja) became traditinal Turkmen tagan-tripod for pot. It is the limpid hint of ever-burning hearth and strength of home like our state. Observation grounds with tremendous panorama are located on different levels. On the first level attendances can lift on two pier towers by funiculars. Here, on the height of 21.5 meters there is cafe-bar with cyclorama. Transparent lift delivers the visitors to the upper observation ground on the height of 50 meters. 12 meters statue of Saparmurat Turkmenbashy is on the top of the monument (authour-famous Turkmen scul-ptor Babasary Annamuradov).