The Karakum Desert is a vast arid land expanse located in Central Asia mainly situated in Turkmenistan covering more than 80% of this country

The Main National Meseum of Turkmenistan

The first meseum that was opened during the years of independence in Turkmenistan has become the Main National Meseum. This graceful architectural complex is located at the picturesque foothills of the Kopetdag Mountains. The center building crowned with azure dome consisting of 16 hemispherical sides. On Decree of Prezident Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov two more buildings were constructed near the central one – the Museum of Nature and Ethnography: and the Meseum of Turkmenistan’s President. In spite of meseums were built in different time, they are harmonizing with central building. The modern techniques of lightening set in museums let to avoid sun rays spoiling and damage of exhibits. Fine wood, Finnish granite, bronze have been widely used in interior decoration. Facade and outside galleries are tiled with stone brought from Turkey. The halls of central building of National Museum are devoted to many-centruies history of Turkmenistan. Exciting trip to ancient times is waiting for the visitors of meseum. Pecuiliar pride of meseum is the collection of invaluable rarities, objects of laborious works of Turkmen and foreign archeologists, excavated in Nissa, Ancient Merv, and other historical-cultural places. Parthion uniqua pieces of art-miniature statues of Athena, Eros, eagle, gryphone made of silver with gilding. Craftsman-ship has amazed by its fine details and small parts. Distinguished models of Parthian art are rhytons from ivory. Exposition of Meseum of Turkmenistan’s President located on two floors narates the modern history of our country, acquaints visitors with the great reforms occurred in the years of independence. Exposition¬† of Meseum of Nature and Ethnography contains the valuable exhibites – Koneurgench meteorite with the weight of 820 kg fell down in 1998 in Koneurgench etrap of Dashoguz velayat; fossibls and imprints of ancient organisms found on the territory of Turkmenistan. The most ancient of presented exhibits – Paleozoic period petrified piece of wood of 270 million years. The flora and fauna of Turkmenistan is widely presented in the museum. Ethnographic collection contains household goods, domestic utensils, and female, male, children clothes, Turkmen weapon models, national musical intruments, manuscrips and etc. Collection of national silky female clothes with delicate embroidery is tuned with wonder of Turkmen nature. The jewelry collection created by masters¬† (zergar) of 17th century numbers about 1,5 thousand exhibits. It is not only the things to emphasize the beauty of woman, but also has the great sacral depth of meaning, deeply rooted in ancient times. You can get acquain-ted with such ancient jewelry as “gruppa”, “chekilik”, “adamlyk”, “egme”, “gulyaka”, “tumar”, “dagdan”, and etc. Such abundance of jewelry produces indelible impression. Integral part of Turkmen habitation was Turkmen carpet – veritable masterpiece if national art, worldwide recognized. All these tresures and other wealthy exhibits are submitted for observation in the Main National Museum of Turkmenistan.