The Karakum Desert is a vast arid land expanse located in Central Asia mainly situated in Turkmenistan covering more than 80% of this country

“Ahal – miracle of the nature” (6 days\5 days)

This itinerary is for active tourists. Magnificent Geok-dere canyons are at tourists service where they can do a fascinating tour on Akhaltekin Horses which were called “Heavenly” by Geradot. Then the route will pass around undisturbed civilization of nature Nohur. You will get an opportunity to see the waterfall “Hurhuri”, mountains with “Moon”, cave of “girls”, taste of home cheese producing with old technology of ancient nomads and enjoy with superlative fresh fruits of Nohur. Then tourists will visit the unique underground lake “Kow-ata” that located inside of the cave in a deep of 60 m., that nourish with hydrosulphuric source. The water has a constant temperature +30, +37C. Chemical analysis has shown that water contains a complex combination of chemical elements – 30 have been found to date. Then the route will acquaint the tourists with real life of Turkmen village – Erbent. (national Turkmen cuisine – plov, shorba in a fire, chorek, baked in tamdyr (oven from arable (clay and straw), folk show, decorative – applied art).