The Karakum Desert is a vast arid land expanse located in Central Asia mainly situated in Turkmenistan covering more than 80% of this country

Alem Entertainment centre

Impressive architectural building – cultural and Alem Entertainmnet Center constructed in the form of “Gulyak” gigantic Turkmen brooch bounding with 5 patterns and crowned by gold star of Oguzkhan in the center is unique sights of the city. Gigantic building with the flapped up 95 meters steeple is the stepped pyramid topped with Ferris wheel 57 meters in diameter. Today it is the largest indoor Ferris wheel in the world. On the strength of this case Ferris wheel of Ashgabat Alem Center has been registered into the Guinness Book of records and was granted the international certificate to corroborate this fact. Oguzkhan’s gold star of Turkmenistan public broadcasting Center, Oguzkhan’s fountain complex and flag-pole at the Main National Museum received the same certificates. Alem Center is urged not only to entertain visitors by various attractions, but to acquaint them with astronomy, cosmonautics and space vehicles. On basement floor of the building there is Space Museum equipped with high technology that allows to penetrate into any nook of our Galaxy and to be involved into secrets of the Universe. It is possible to survey our Solar System, to observe the moving of planets, to make virtual journey on space ship, to “walk” along surface of the Moon. The center contains two XD showing rooms with effect of your presence in plot of the film. On the ground floor there are various swing, merry-ground, playgrounds for physical development of children, little autodrome, also attractions of auto races. Specialized halls have been provided for amateurs of bowling, table tennis and active games. The whole first floor is encircled by set of cafeterias, fastfood, and restaurants with the atmosphere of peace, comfort and conciliation created by designers. On the second floor there is the biggest attraction – Ferris wheel the cabins equipped with system of microclimate permitting to admire city’s perspective. World of fairy – tales park the largest the largest children’s park in Central Asia created for children and teenagers as entertaining and educational center. It has been erected on the area of 330 m3 by specialists of Gap Inshaat Turkish Company; it is decorated by Turkmen artists, scluptures, foundry men, designers, and mounter. The colorful department of Turkmen folktales world occupies the central place in the park. Permanent residents of this Fairyland – mysterious narrator of fairy tales, bovenjik, Akpamyk and her 7 brothers, huge powerful fright Devs, guarding over teeming treasures, huge serpent and other numerus heroes of Turkmen epos. In sultry days the attendees may enjoy coolness coming from fountains and artificial river and have rest in special belvederes. From the first day of its existence, this park is the favorite place of young citizens. The meeting with artists, cinematographs and animators; children’s holidays, festivals, and theater performances are holding here. Also there is huge amphitheatre for concert.